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I look upon the Christmas tree
A shiny blur is all I see
Never thought it'd come to this
Never knew it was one last kiss

You and I, we've made mistakes
But took off each other's masks
Though my life, it's not alright
No one has to be alone tonight

Heart goes down with the chimes
Fireworks color the night
From now on I have no lies
Frosty snow is our only guide

But this is our day
I have no more to say
Because it's Christmas Eve
The right time to believe

Your love's still inside
I beg you please not to hide
Everything will be fine
No need to ruin your life

A new era has begun
We've been reborn as one

Find a way to be a man
Contemplate and understand
No one is ever ready for
Standing at the closed door

Ready to break up
Ready to fall... in love

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