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Spirts of flame lick ashes of ancestors
and millions of blessed bear their crosses through this fire
their eyes are blind, their will was ruined for the faith
and their souls have lost the light

Hands turned to sky
bleed in the thorns
hands turned to heart
damned with the plague
the paths of god
lay over bones
Black God's purpose
leads to the dark

Our voice is dumb
our choise like move of pawn
our nature wants to destroy
our thoughts are burnt by the sun

But we
become accustomed to this cross
and thorns don't slaughter our wrists
despair is our triumph
the darkness is
our light
the will of lord
is our debt

6 little eyes sparkle
through bloody mist
it's our king in the guise of the rat
three golden crowns shining over his heads
on the black throne he rules over the slaves

4 lords of down stay near the corners of the throne
4 thoughts of hate gnaw their selfish minds
the spirit of lion spreads over the throne
the spirit of bones spreads over the earth

Through thousand years
we stand on knees
praing for world
without extinct sun
Through thousand years
the king of rats
laughing at us
with 3 cruel smiles

And in the end
4 lords of down
will burn their hearts
in flames of greed
the blood will spill
the Crown will fall
but noone will
ascend the throne

NOW RISE!!!!! x2

the flint of thought
will strike the mind
the spark of mind
will flame the will
the cresset of will
will set the fire
this fire of hope
will burn the god

And walls will fall!
Under the rush of one-time slaves
Dark castles will bury their lords
black flags will rise with the beams of new age sun
ad gloriam of free wind's generations

So rise!!

but fear the demons of the past
cause just a single drop of blood
of inocent will rise from the dust
4 lords of dark and king of rats!

the hearts that were left in the past
in the sad ashes of those days
we won't let you lie in the dust
we won't lose you in our minds

hearts in the deep ocean of grief
that suffer for the sins of gods
we won't forget, we won't forgive
we'll remeber to the end of time

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