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Every Need

Verse 1:
You come to me you take away all fears
Wipe away all tears,
Healing every scar.
You take my hand and say it’s not for real,
Nothing is for real,
Nothing in this war.

Verse 2:
You hold my breath to see what lies inside,
The secrets of my head,
Every cell within my mind.
I walk away, I try so hard to hide
The weapons in my hand,
The guilt within my life.

You are my guide, when I’ve lost my way.
You are my light, you’re my solar ray.
You are my air, when it’s hard to breath.
You are my aid, you’re my every need.

Verse 3:
I sometimes try to wear another face,
To find another place,
To start another life.
I somehow know you’ll help me in this case
To win this endless race
And try not to deny.

Х-фактор 3.Девятый прямой эфир. Сысоев Every Need

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