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- Can you use a computer, Josh?

- Yes, of course I can. All my friends can. I use a computer at school and at home.

- That’s very good. What other things can you do?

- Well, I can run fast, very fast, and I can draw a bit. I can draw planes and cars very well but I can’t drive a car of course. When I’m big I want to be a farmer and drive a tractor.

- And I know you can speak French.

- Yes, I can. I can speak French very well because my dad’s French. We sometimes speak French at home.

- Can you speak any other languages?

- No, I can’t. I can’t speak German or Spanish, just French and English of course! And I can cook! I can make cakes. My grandma makes lovely cakes and I sometimes help her. Yesterday we made a big chocolate cake.

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