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Deliver Me!
From the darkest abyss,
from the depths of eternal rest.
Grasping at the threads of sanity,
only to watch them slip through my hands

I see the light,
I see the end.
I see a frail hope, crushed by the weight of the world.
I see the light
I see the end
I see a frail hope, crushed by the weight of the world.

crushed by the weight of the world
my will is broken (2x)

Sinking, always sinking.
The sands of time forever slipping.
Clawing at the emptiness,
but a ghost I reach towards the end.

Lost in darkness. Lost in time
Losing a grip on my fucking mind.
Ignorance is an easy friend
but in the end it takes everything.

Fear it finds me and it binds me.
Illuminate this place of consciousness.
Fear it finds me and it binds me.
But I'm lost.

Guilt draws me down like a stone.
It chokes my throat,
and gnaws my bones.
Regret breeds a heavy heart.

Reality; torn in two!

Canonised, a life that fades before my eyes.
Ever faithful friend, sorrow, sets its teeth.
Eaten alive.

But i will survive,
I survive.
Fury, deliver me.

How can you defeat what you can't kill? (Deliver me)
I see the fear that twists inside. (Deliver me)
I watch the shadows fill with doubt.

Deliver me. Fury deliver me.


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