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Pump ur phaze 

Music makes the people stronger
Let the bass drop 
Show your face up
Make your dance bright
Feel it high like the birds fly up in the sky
Let the dreams out 
Scream and praise life 
Pump ur phaze 
Bless your fate drop your fears
Taste the love, fly away in the space out of atmosphere
On the hottest rave
Your emotion raised
Barefoot on the sand
First step 
Pump ur phaze 

The sun shake
Friends on the bass
The sound bake
Dance for your race

The sun shake
Friends on the bass
Dance everywhere
First step 
Pump your phaze

Hear whisper of the waves
Song of native king of the world
From beginning and to the end
Breath the freedom of the ways
Feel the same as I do
Make this party shake 
Make me feel your dance
Sub drop, Dirty bass
My voice shows you love
Between us faster lighter
Hotter than the sun 
Sparks flying, forming fire
Keep them dancing


Hey, I’m seeing all of the world
My break storming tops
We’re crashing the walls
Join us feel the power
Power of love
Taking charge from the sun
Giving hope for lost

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