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Baby this may take a while ’cause the words don’t come easy to my brain.
All I know is that it’s time to talk before this sadness drives me insane.
Yes I really know just how to put a smile, shining on my face.
Just to get along with my life, but I don’t want to fake no more
’cause it’s gone so far away so long.
Is it sun, is it rain in the corner of your eyes,
do you know now to change your mind?
Is it fun, is it pain, I await something new
Oh baby do you feel our love is through?
I don’t want to see you cry, want to wipe away the troubles and the doubts,
but everytime I want to see the sun.
It’s such a strain to force away the clouds, so please let us face the truth
and shine the light of love in the dark to see what we can find and what’s lost
I want to move with open eyes, don’t want to stay, because I’m blind

Sphere - Is It Sun (Original Mix)


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