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«Looking for the sun» — SunSay (Неизданное, 2009)

1. Am Am+7 (x0211x)
You belong the sun
Am7 C (xx3213)
I'm here the one who missing
C+2(x3203x) B5 (x13311)
In the night
F Fmaj7(x3320x)
Looking for a day

бас: A, G#, G, F; C, B, F;

I'm very wrong:
There is no shelter from the sun
It is too bright
I'm unblessed in high

Am D F E+4 E7
Everybody looking for the sun
And everybody tries to have some fun
To live another ordinary day
Am F F E7
But no one sees that has lost the way...

I can feel your light
Looking at me from the skies
Like the sun
I know you are the one

You can fight the lead
I can only see your shadows
Down on me
You are so far and free


I don't scale the pain
I don't care about sun or rain
On my way
Ordinary day

Looking to the light
Looking is you by my side
I feel free!
You belong to me.

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