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It's not your fault and no one's right
It's a shame, don't ever change.
It's impossible, I know.

Life is short enough
Are you feeling lonely?
Cause you just wanna spend your time
With someone that can read your mind.

And there're no postcards
When you're floating out this far
And for the last time...I wanna feel something.

What you say and what you mean
Are different a wave on the ocean.

Wash away the old divide.. it's impossible...I know
And some things you can't revive
Don't know where to go...only need to feel something

Where would you be now if I didn't try to break you out?
It'd be the same page... in the same cage.
Remember all that fear? Why'd you ever bring me here
If you were gonna change?
I would've stayed away.


Give me one more I can show you I
Swear I know what you're thinking.
I just wish I knew what you were thinking

Don't know where to go
Only need to feel something.

Transmatic - impossible

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